Lunch & Brunch


Bottomless Mimosa   14

Bottomless Rose  17


Pain Perdu     10

French toast served with fruit, whipping cream and caramel sauce


Les soupes


Soupes à l’oignon gratinée
Onion soup 9


Soupe du jour
Soup of the day 7

Les salades

Mixed green salad, balsamic dressing 6


Saumon Fume et salade, creme a l'Aneth     10
 Someked Salmon served with salad and dill cream


Salade Nicoise, vinaigrette aux anchois 14
Traditional Nicoise Salad, Anchovy dressing


Salade Ceasar Romaine, poulet grille et croutons, aioli vinaigrette 12
Grilled Chicken Ceasar salad with croutons, cherrytomatoes, aioli dressing



Escargots de Bourgogne
Plate of six escargots
From Burgundy
with garlic parsley butter  9


Huitres du jour

La pièce 2,45 each
Oysters with Shallot vinegar




Assiete de charcuterie maison 19 ( add foie gras 10 )
Pate, rillete, prosciutto, wild boar salami, cornichons and mustard


L’assiette végétarienne du chef 21
Chef Vegetarian
 Stuffed Zucchini with Seasonal Vegetables


Moules marinieres et frites     21
Warm steamed Mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, served with french fries


Les Oeufs (served with roasted potatoes, onions and salad)


Omelette Vegetarienne   10

Vegetarian omelet


Omelette aux champignons, jambon et fromage    12

Ham, mushroom and cheese omelet



Oeufs Benedicte au jambon, sauce hollandaise     13

Two poached eggs, spinach and ham with hollandaise sauce


Oeufs benedicte au Saumon fume, sauce hollandaise   14

Two poached eggs, spinach and smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce



Poellee de Gambas et salade de mangue, ognion et coriande fraiche     15

Sautedd prawns served with mango, onions red bell pepper an cilantro salad


Filet de Saumon grille et puree de pommes de terre, sauce a l'estragon     19

Grilled Salmon filet served with mashed potatoes, tarragon sauce


Steack frites, sauce vin rouge et echalotes     24

Hanger steak and frech fries, shallot and red wine sauce




























11.00 to 2

Saturday 10 to 2
Sunday 10 to 3

5.30 to 9.00
Friday and Saturday

5.30 to 9:30


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